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Security and AdministrationSecurity and Administration

The most important information about your business is stored in a database. Sensitive data from financial to personal must be protected. Protection and security requirements can be business or governmental. Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 (SOX) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) are just two. Regardless as to where the requirements originates, security protocols must be implemented. Yet many companies are at risk in this area. Day to day business activities must meet your business goals. Striking a balance between meeting your business goals and ensuring a well structured database environment is demanding. There are very few how to manuals to successfully meet both goals.

After many years supporting business requirements and needs, Database Security Systems has a well thought out plan as to how we can help your organization. Focusing on lowering the cost of database administration, identifying security risks, and deploying enterprise level solutions enables your organization to strike the balance.

Let Us Help

Our consultants can help your organization identify the areas that can be improved while creating value for your assets. Once these areas are identified we can create a plan to meet your goals.

We have experience in financial, transportation, software, credit, retail, agriculture and manufacturing industries.
Once these areas are identified we can create a plan to meet your goals.

Customer AccoladesPresentation

Manufacturing Customer

“Excellent job upgrading all our databases from Oracle 8i to Oracle 10G within budget.”

“Our I/T Audit was a complete success thanks to DbSox.”

Shipping Customer

“It’s nice that we don’t have to worry about our database up-times because of your knowledgeable and proactive consultants.”

Who Knows

Accountability and efficiency are the most critical aspects of our plan. When businesses pay millions of dollars on the infrastructure and support staff, auditing the process enables the business to accurately manage the expenditures. Assessments are conducted to identify efficiencies as well as inefficiencies. Your risks are identified. Corrective recommendations supported by industry best practices are documented. Support staff levels, database hardware, and database software utilizations are key factors in identifying your efficiencies within the organization. Through the assessment process your business is informed as to what areas are most critical and which are not critical.

Business Strategy

Maintaining business assets such as data can be costly. Utilizing best practices and a common sense approach can ensure that your business strategy is being met.
Ensuring database administration and securing your data are key components. Understanding your business needs help direct resources to become efficient and secure.